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An event discovery and event distribution platform servicing over 300 cities worldwide.

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Jazz Near You is a simple yet powerful way to discover who is playing where and when. Access local jazz events from our website, our app, our weekly email, our widget, our RSS feed, our on demand page, or All About Jazz.

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The perfect companion for your phone or tablet! View jazz events by date, by venue or by musician; map to venues, share events on Facebook and Twitter, and get detailed information about musicians. For iOS and Android.

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Jazz Near You is your complete guide to jazz music near you. It's also a free opportunity for musicians and presenters to upload events while giving fans an opportunity to retrieve them from the web, their email and their phone.

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An Event Distribution Platform for Jazz

Covering over 300 cities worldwide, use Jazz Near You to promote tours, club performances, and jam sessions.

Jazz Near You is a tremendous service for presenters... it consistently puts 'cheeks in the seats'.

View Suzanne Cloud profile Suzanne Cloud, presenter

Jazz Near You saves me time. I add my events in one place and they are picked up everywhere.

View Anton Schwartz profile Anton Schwartz, musician

There's nothing like Jazz Near You. Thank you for this invaluable service to all jazz musicians!

View Tony Miceli profile Tony Miceli, musician

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